Rule #1: Have Fabulous Friends

Have Fabulous Friends

You know how they say your income will be the average of the incomes of the people you most hang around with?

Well, it’s the same with fabulousness. If you want to live a fabulous life, you must have fabulous friends.

You can’t be fabulous if your friends are whiny, negative, I’ve-given-up-on myself-and-I’ve-got-the-Snuggie-to-prove-it types. You need people around you who are smart, funny, fun, motivated, kind, passionate – in other words, fabulous. The older you get, the more important this becomes.

I’m very lucky to have such friends, some of whom I had lunch with today (that’s my gym friends and me, above). Because they’re cool people, they help me to want to be my best, too.

Take a look at your friends. If your fabulousness is the average of theirs, how fabulous does that make you?